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Crimping pliers, Jakemy CT4-1, for 6P and 8P connectors - 17601

Crimping pliers Jakemy CT4-1Compatible connectors:RJ11 (4p/6c)RJ11 (6p/6c)RJ12 (6p/6c)RJ45 (8p/8c)..

Digital Multimeter, DT838, Black - 17618

Main Features: - This instrument can be used to measuring DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, resistance and temperature- LCD screen and digital display, reading accuracy and speediness- Stable performance, lower power consumption, higher reliability and safety​Specification:DC voltage: 200m - 2000m - 20 - 200 - 500VACV: 200 - 500VDC current: 2000u - 20m - 200m - 10AResistance: 200 - 2000 - 20k - 200k - 2000k ohmTemperature: -20 - 1000 Deg.CDiode test: yesOn-off and buzzer function: yesMax...

Digital Multimeter, Jakemy JM-9205A, Black - 17619

Digital multimeter, Jakemy JM-9205A, Black - 17619Large LCD display with high accuracyMeasure DC /AC current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, hFE, diodeStable performance, high reliabilityOverload indicationLow battery indication Specification:DC Voltage: 200mV / 2V / 20V / 200V / 1000VAC Voltage: 200mV / 2V / 20V / 200mV / 750VDC Current: 2mA / 20mA / 200mA / 20AAC Current: 20mA / 20mA / 200mA / 20AResistance: 200Ω/ 2KΩ/ 20KΩ/ 200KΩ/ 2MΩ/ 20MΩ/ 200MΩ/ 2000MΩCapacitance: 2nF/ 20nF/ 200nF/..

Lan cable tester, Jakemy JM-486AL, with LED light, Black - 17620

You can now easily check LAN network cableOperating under dark environment with a LED lightCapable to test out different kind of cablesType of cable: UTP/STP/FTP/BNC/FEnergy saving mode: automatically power off after 20mins non-operationSuitable with 6F22 9V battery, safe and durableSwitch over testing mode, default as automatic mode, long press the button for 2 second and switch to manual mode, long press the button for 5 second and switch off Note: This cable tester can not test any elect..

Wire stripper, Jakemy JM-CT4-12, Black - 17617

This is gear grinding wire stripper / line clamp / wire cutter / plier. It is the simplest and fastest way to strip plastic or rubber insulation of single, multiple cables and wires. You just need to insert a wire into the jaws and squeeze the handles, now you're finished. The stripping diameter 0.6 - 2.5mm or 10 - 22 AWG. Multi-use It can be used as a wire cutter or plier, place the wire between cutter blades, close the handles fully and the wire was cut off, perfect for copper and al..

Crimping pliers, Jakemy CT4-3, for 4P,6P and 8P connectors - 17602

Crimping pliers, Jakemy CT4-3Suitable for cutting and isolation removing.Compatible connectors:RJ9 (4p/4c)RJ11 (4p/6c)RJ11 (6p/6c)RJ12 (6p/6c)RJ45 (8p/8c)..

6 IN 1 opening hardware tool kit, Poso - 17604

The kit contains Phillips screwdriver 1.5 and Torx 0.82 pieces plastic riser made ​​of high quality plastic.Thin feather for adherence or opening.Thick feather for adherence or opening...

Anti-Static Disassembling Kit, Jakemy JM-OP11 - 17624

Easy to insert into narrow gap Ergonomic design, easy and comfortable to hold  Anti-static fiber material, prevent static from damaging electronics components High pressure injection molding, solid and durable..

Multifunctional Electronic Repair Tools Kit, Jakemy 8145 - 17611

Screwdriver Types 0.8 Pentagonal ScrewdriverDiameter Screwdriver Head Diameter: 4 mmLength Screwdriver Head Length: 25 mm..


Phone opening paddles, No Brand, 12 Pieces - 17626

12 Pieces Antistatic PaddlesSuitable for laptops, mobile phones, tablet computers etc...

Multifunctional tool 11in1, Jakemy 1001 - 17615

HEX:H2.0 H2.5 H3.0 H4.0 H5.0 H6.0phillps:PH1 PH2Torx:T25chain tool8mm wrench10mm wrench3.3mm spoke wrench3.5mm spoke wrench3.8mm spoke wrench..

Anti-static Tweezers Kit, Jakemy JM-T11, Black - 17616

Anti-static Nylon Carbon Fiber Nipper3 in 1: Fine tip tweezer, flat tip tweezer and curved fine tip tweezerAdopt high quality nylon + carbon fiber, anti-static, antimagnetic, acid and alkali resistant and durableSuper hardness and high temperature resistance ( can work in the 250 Deg.C workplace )The resistance coefficient is less than 10000 OhmPerfect weight and compact design for easy carry Available for repairing mainboard of laptops, mobile devices or other precision items like wristwat..

Alloy Solder Sucker Pen, Jakemy JM-Z02, Orange - 17623

Easy one-handed usePowerful suction for solder removalCan quickly and effectively remove solder from a circuit boardLength: 200mmSuction Force: 35hg/cm ..

Dual-Head Flexible Disassemble Tool , Jakemy OP12 - 17610

Professional tool for replacing batteries, touchscreen, LCD, cover, hard disk etc.Suitable for laptops, mobile phones, tablet computers etc...

Dual-Head Flexible Tool, Jakemy OP13, Anti Static. Black - 17622

Design professional and practical, easy to carry and use.Switch your covers is easy, and without chipping and hurting your nails.Remove flex cable without damaging your phone...

Glue Melting Bag Pad for Screen Opening, Jakemy OP09 - 17613

Environmentally friendly material, quick heating, slow heat emission Wrapped by cotton cloth, safe and durable..

Screen Opening Plier, Jakemy - 17607

Compatible devices - up to 4.7 inchesErgonomically designed handle with slip-resistant textured grip for comfortable hold.Adjustable tablet holder to any size of tablets and mobiles.Multi-angle PVC suction cup, easier to take apart every gadgets you want.Including two screen protectors, protect your phone scratch during the disassembling...


Suction Cup Set, Jakemy JM-SK04, 3 Pieces - 17625

- Specially designed for disassembling and repairing smartphone and tablet PC with removable screen- Made of environmental PVC, fine seal-ability, oil proof, anticorrosion and non-deformable- ABS + metal handle, more durable, with higher tension than usual plastic- Perfect weight and compact design for easy carry..

LCD Screen Suction Opening Plier, Jakemy - 17608

Designed handle with slip-resistant textured grip for comfortable hold.Adjustable tablet holder to any size of tablets and mobiles.Multi-angle PVC suction cup,easier to take apart every gadgets you want...